Friday, February 24, 2012

Commercial Dough Mixers

We here at ACityDiscount want to help you start rolling in the dough, literally, and our selection of commercial dough mixers can make that happen.  Our commercial dough mixers are multi-purpose, and regardless of what kind of mixer you are looking at for your business, we have a variety of models and accessories that will “rise” to meet expectations. 

Floor Models:  Ideal for medium-large bakeries, pizzerias, catering companies, or any operation that “kneads” more mixing space, our floor models are ideal.  We carry free standing models with up to 225 qt. capacities with several different features including: multiple speed models (including 3 & 4 speed varieties), bowl guards, and built in timers.  Though the most of our floor mixers range from about 30-80 qt. capacities, we carry more than a handful of heavy hitters, for when “small” batches won’t do.

Countertop and Bench Top Models:  For some restaurants, an 80 qt. mixer might be a bit too big, whether it be they don’t have the physical space for a floor mixer, or they just don’t need that kind of mixing capacity.  We here at ACityDiscount are well aware that not every company needs a 225 qt. mixer, which is why we also provide a large supply of counter/bench top mixers.  The compact little guys can be stored on a counter or a prep table / work bench, and though we do have a selection of smaller mixers if you prefer, you don’t have to surrender mixing capacity to save space.  We have a fair amount of 20 and 25 qt. machines that fit quaintly on counter; freeing up that corner of your kitchen for that ceramic statue of a husky Italian chef you’ve been eyeing up.

Attachments, Bowls, Etc.:  Our commercial dough mixers aren’t just for mixing dough!  We carry a selection of attachments that transform these Swiss Army machines into industrial cheese graters, slicers, and meat grinders / sausage makers.  Additionally, we also carry the traditional whisk (perfect for dressings or egg whites), paddle (ideal for frosting, mousse, and folding), and menacing looking dough hook attachments so your business can get the most out of its new mixer.  And just in case you need a backup bowl for your mixer, so you can multi-task on your new machine, we carry additional bowls for all our mixers as well.

Our commercial dough mixers are multi-purpose, and with the wide range of sizes and makes we have, we here at ACityDiscount have one that will custom fit your business needs.

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Mixers - Buy Used for your Commercial Bakery & Restaurant

Commercial Kitchen Equipment » Food Preparation Equipment » Mixers & Attachments »

The holiday season is fast approaching us and for many of you in the bakery business, this is the most crucial time of the year.  The dependability of your equipment is critical to success and the speed of your operation.  If you have a mixer that is nearing the edge of its lifespan, or has not quite been acting the way it is supposed to, you may need to replace that aging equipment before you experience any malfunctions that could grind your progress to a halt.  ACityDiscount Restaurant Equipment has some great choices RIGHT NOW in used commercial mixers that are available for purchase.  These mixers might be pre-owned, but they have been tested and are assured to give you the dependable service that you are seeking out.  One great mixer we have as of 10/22/09 is the UNIVEX SRM60H+ 60qt. Floor Mixer.  The video seen here shows why this mixer is the ultimate for all kinds of dough making.  It is just one example of the selection that we have right now.  Be sure to check them all out to find the one that will be the best fit for you.  Save money and use your savings to assist in other areas of your business.  Contact us today!!ACityDiscount Restaurant Equipment and Supply

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Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Fleetwood Spiral Mixer w/ 55lb Dough Capacity

Spiral mixers mix heavy dough quickly and thoroughly.
Fleetwood model AME25 is a heavy duty, powerful unit that easily kneads, mixes, and beats all types of dough used by a commercial kitchen. Spiral mixers are designed to mix dough cooler and with less stress, increasing flavor. Available in either single or dual speed.

Standard Equipment
Heavy gauge stainless steel bowl, cast iron plated mixing tool, safety bowl cage, 15 minute timer, 6 ft. cord. All "AME" mixers are chain driven for a even and consistent mix.

Capacity: 55 lbs
HP: 2
Voltage: 230/60/1
Speeds: 1
Bowl RPM: 313 RPM Tool RPM: 30 rpm
Finish: Hardened Resin Acrylic - White Paint
Bowl: Polished heavy stainless steel
Dimensions: 35" x 14" x 34"
Net Weight: 250 lbs

Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Anvil America 20 Qt Commercial Dough Mixer with Guard

Model MIX1720
Anvil's 20 Quart mixers are designed specifically for small commercial applications, such as convenience stores, small bakeries and home industries. The grease packed ball bearing and air cooled motor ensure quiet and efficient continous operation.

  • Comes standard with mixing bowl, wire whisk, dough hook and spatula
  • #12 Hub for meat grinding attachment offers flexability between grinding and mixing
  • Due to the direct drive transmission system consistant mixing speeds are maintained regardless of the volume in the bowl
  • 3 Fixed speeds with easy speed shifting
  • Product Specification
    Voltage: 110 single phase
    Power: 0.5 HP air cooled motor
    Planetary Speed: 106 / 359 / 397rpm
    Dimensions: 16" x 17" x 33"
    Complies with: ETL/NSF specifications

    Monday, August 13, 2007

    Doyon Baking Equipment 40 Quart Dough Mixer

    For over 18 years Doyon's SM series planetary mixers have been the most dependable heavy duty mixers on the market.

    Model SM401 includes the following features:
    Stainless steel 40 quart capacity bowl
    Mixing hook
    Whipping ball
    Flat beater
    Manual bowl lift
    Gear driven transmission
    Mixers have 3 positive speeds
    Bowl guard
    Emergency stop
    1 HP motor
    RPM: 1st: 105, 2nd: 210, 3rd: 323
    One year parts and labor limited warranty

    Wednesday, March 7, 2007

    Countertop Mixers and More

    Dough Mixers » 80 Qt & Over » 60 Qt » 20 Qt & Under

    Shop for a wide variety of commercial quality mixers at ACityDiscount.comWhether you need a 4.5 quart stand mixer to use at home or an 80 quart heavy duty dough mixer to use in your pizza shop or restaurant, ACityDiscount has the right product for you. Not only do we feature mixers from well established companies you know, like Hamilton Beach and Waring, we also carry products from innovative new manufacturers like Dynamic Products, Aaron Process Equipment, and Varimixer.

    For commercial applications we sell heavy duty dough mixers, and large floor mixers. For home use we offer many counter top mixers from several manufacturers. We have immersion blenders and other specialty mixers suitable for home or professional use.

    Most stand mixers are powerful tools that save you time and energy in the kitchen with hands-free mixing action. Generally they have an all-metal or metal & plastic housing to simplify cleaning.They offer excellent mixing performance, precise control, and flexibility at every speed. All stand mixers are designed for tough mixing but you need to be aware that every mixer is not designed to mix the heaviest bread or pizza doughs.

    One of our favorite mixers from Hamilton Beach® is also available as hand/stand mixer so you can use the hand mixer alone when you have a quick mixing job, or position the mixer on the stand when you have a more involved task that requires hand-free mixing. A variety of attachments are available with different models, including traditional beaters, wire beaters, or dough hooks.

    Most stand mixers, whether they are counter top or floor models, have several attachments for different mixing tasks. Many offer add-ons like choppers, grinders, and slicers. They are workhorses of the kitchen and cooks in all kitchens, home or commercial, can find dozens of ways to put them to work.

    About ACityDiscount
    ACityDiscount, a leading retailer of new and used restaurant equipment and restaurant supply for 35 years, offers the food service industry low prices on restaurant supplies of all sorts and easy, secure online shopping. We have strong relationships with manufacturers and suppliers that allow us to offer outstanding values on the kitchen equipment you need. Our main focus is new restaurant equipment but we are also restaurant auction and liquidation specialists.

    We offer cooking equipment, refrigeration equipment, and kitchen tools like mixers and food processors from all your favorite manufacturers; in short, ACityDiscount is your one stop shop for restaurant equipment.

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